Luis Garcia

Chief Primary Investigator

Luis-GarciaLuis has been with our firm for more than 10 years. Luis is typically the first member of our firm’s team that a new client will meet. Being that the nature of our practice is associated with serious injuries, it’s important that we are able to meet with our clients where it is most convenient. Luis meets with clients at their homes, their places of business, and unfortunately, hospitals too.

It is our experience that thorough investigations are the backbone of every strong case. Luis’ work is used to determine negligence, and to strengthen a case by obtaining witness statements, physical evidence, scene diagrams/photographs, etc. In those cases where a material damage claim will be presented, Luis will work with case managers on the client’s behalf to get the best possible settlement for the damages done to their vehicle.

Luis works on developing and verifying liability, collectability and damages.

Luis is bilingual in Spanish.