Settlements & Verdicts for Victims of Car Accidents Caused By Elderly Drivers

The Law Offices Of Gerald Marcus frequently handles car accident claims throughout Los Angeles that involve senior citizens.

With almost equal regularity, our attorneys have represented people who have been injured in an accident that was caused by an elderly driver and faultless senior citizen accident victims who were seriously injured in a collision.

This is why we carefully evaluate all of our cases on an individual basis. We will battle for your compensation and ensure the older victim will receive care. We will vigorously fight just as hard to make sure that the victim of an elderly driver-caused accident is fairly compensated for their injuries.

Facts About Senior Citizen Drivers & Injuries To Older People Involved In Motor Vehicle Accidents

Senior citizens are more likely to suffer serious injuries from a crash due to increased frailty.

Because of this, many senior citizen’s drivers drive more cautiously than younger drivers. Elderly drivers are more likely to be found at-fault when involved in car crashes (statistical evidence shows that older drivers regularly experience pedal confusion).

Any person who has been involved in a serious automobile collision with a senior driver should consider working with a reputable Los Angeles car accident attorney to:

-Help the injured manage their claim and receive a fair settlement;

-Assist injured senior citizens who were not at fault for their collision avoid having the insurance companies try to unfairly blame them for the accident; or

-Support injured seniors in their pursuit of fair compensation for injuries that have impacted their quality of life during what should be their relaxing, golden, retirement years.

How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

The question “how old is too old to drive?” is controversial, but drivers over 65 have more accidents per mile than any group except teenage drivers.

Driving skills can decay with age. This indicates that driving skills may start to decline for some people who are classified as senior citizens.  While many elderly limit their driving, adult children often play a role in monitoring their parents and helping them determine when it may be time to stop driving.

Determining the right age to stop driving is a challenging, taxing decision– individual skills and abilities vary so widely no matter what their age.

The California DMV encourages people over the age of 55 to consider taking a collision prevention course in order to learn about age-related physical changes that can effect driving and to get a general reminder of the rules of the road. After completing a collision prevention course participants are issued a certificate. Many senior citizens are unaware of the fact that some insurance companies offer a discount for older drivers who have completed such courses and can present a certificate of completion.

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