Head-on collisions are among the most devastating accidents on the road. Very serious or fatal injuries often result and recovery is typically measured in months – not days or weeks.

The Los Angeles car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Gerald Marcus know and understand the issues with which families deal in the wake of a serious or fatal Los Angeles car accident. We know about the pain, anger and confusion. We understand the frustration of dealing with doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and insurance companies and their attorneys.

It’s unfair, but the fact of the matter is the accident victim is left alone – the only one without professional legal representation.

In many cases, even the doctors and hospitals will begin distancing themselves from liability in cases where they fear an injury victim and/or his or her insurance company will be unable to satisfy the debt necessary to effectively deal with serious injuries and lengthy periods of surgical recovery and rehabilitation.

Injury Lawyers For Serious Car Accidents In Los Angeles

At the Law Offices of Gerald Marcus, each member of our team is dedicated to providing effective and caring representation to accident victims throughout Southern California. We will help you deal with the doctors, hospitals, medical bills, insurance companies and attorneys. We can make sure you are getting the care and attention you need for your injuries.

We know the common complications that can arise from your particular medical situation. We can fight to ensure the resources are available for rehabilitation and to deal with future medical complications and other issues arising from the accident.

Head-on collisions account for just 2 percent of all crashes yet result in 10 percent of the traffic fatalities reported in the United States each year. Known as lane-departure crashes, these accidents happen when a driver fails to stay within his or her own lane of travel.

Poor road design can also increase the risk that lane departure will result in a head-on collision. This is particularly true in urban areas where lane additions have largely eliminated the median or other buffer zone. Traffic signs and road markings can help prevent such crashes, as can concrete barriers and wire-rope safety barriers.

Head-on crashes can also result from wrong-way travel on an exit ramp, freeway or street. Again, ramp and street design can play a role in preventing such crashes. Many others are caused by drivers who are operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

At the Law Offices of Gerald Marcus, we will thoroughly investigate the causes of your crash and decide upon the best course of action. In some cases, a municipality or government entity may share the blame for your accident. Identifying all responsible parties is critical to winning the maximum compensation allowable under the law.

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