Los Angeles Rear-End Car Collision Lawyer

Rear-end collisions in Los Angeles are, in most cases, completely avoidable. Vehicle operators are required to leave a safe distance behind the vehicle ahead.

Even so, car accident statistics issued by the National Transportation Safety Board reveal that almost half of all two-vehicle crashes are rear-enders. Many of these collisions cause damage that goes far beyond a minor fender bender, leaving innocent people seriously or fatally injured.

If another driver hit your vehicle from behind, leaving you or a loved one seriously injured or dead, connect with a Los Angeles rear-end car collision attorney at The Law Offices Of Gerald Marcus as soon as possible.

It is imperative that all relevant evidence is obtained and preserved. You can trust our firm to initiate the process of protecting your right to fair compensation immediately.

It’s common for the aftermath of a rear-end vehicle collision to be an overwhelming time, but taking action to protect your legal rights is invaluable.

Common Injuries in Los Angeles Rear-End Car Collisions

A rear end accident, even at slow speeds, can cause serious damage to various body parts.

Some common injuries sustained in rear enders include:


-Neck and shoulder injuries

-Head injuries

-Traumatic brain injuries

-Back injuries

-Spinal cord injuries


-Disfiguring facial injuries

-Paralysis (paraplegia, quadriplegia)

Hit by Another Driver in a Rear End Accident?

If you were injured by another driver that hit you from behind, it is imperative that you retain legal representation from a highly qualified car accident attorney.

The lawyer you choose is probably the most significant factor in the amount you are paid in a settlement or verdict. It is advised that you review our case results so you are confident that everything possible is being done to help you seek the maximum in compensation.

At The Law Offices Of Gerald Marcus, we have an extensive track record of recovering high value settlements for our clients. We are committed to fighting for the rights and interests of those we serve, and we will seek every form of compensation available, based upon the facts.

Our professional resources include respected medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, and financial specialists, all of whom can be called upon to assist us in our efforts.

The damages in a rear end accident can include the following:

-Medical bills

-Ambulance costs

-Hospital bills

-Rehabilitation treatment costs

-Wage loss

-Pain and suffering

-Loss of quality of life

-Emotional anguish

You need an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer – and not all law firms are created equal. We are proud of our many victories for our clients, and would like to speak with you about what happened in your case.

Causes of Rear-End AccidentsIn Los Angeles

There are various causes for rear-end accidents, but the underlying issue is, in most cases, a driver failing to leave adequate space to come to a stop when necessary.

Contributing factors could include:

-Wet roadways

-Limited visibility in rainy weather

-Drunk driving


-Distracted driving

-Drowsy driving

-Texting or cell phone use


-Aggressive driving behavior

In approximately 87% of all rear-end collisions, the NTSB further reveals that a driver simply fails to observe the traffic ahead, and when forced to come to a sudden stop, is unable to do so and slams into another vehicle.

If you were the victim in a rear end collision and suffered injuries, the situation can be overwhelming. Your focus is naturally upon getting treatment, and attempting to recover from the injuries sustained.

Regaining your health can be a long process, depending upon your injuries. There are important legal issues that must be addressed in a timely manner.

Filing a claim against a negligent driver requires that evidence of negligent driving conduct be established and submitted with the claim. This evidence can include police reports, accident scene photos, eyewitness testimony, and other data.

With 30 years serving the Los Angeles community in personal injury law, our firm has an exceptional level of skill in crafting injury cases for submission to insurance companies, or to present in court. We are available to assist you in pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Even the most careful driver cannot protect against the dangerous driving behavior of others sharing the road.

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers will take on the insurance company for you, advocating for you at every step of the process.

Our personal commitment to our clients is unmatched – we genuinely care about the people we represent, and we are personally driven to the pursuit of justice.

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