Rollover car accidents in Los Angeles are very common.

More than 30,000 motor vehicle accidents claim the lives of individuals every year, according to government crash data. Among the most devastating types of accidents are those involving vehicle rollovers. Such accidents have become more commonplace owing to the greater number of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) on our roads.

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In Los Angeles, more than 15% of the fatal crashes that occur each year involve vehicle rollover. More than 60% of individuals who die in rollovers are thrown from the vehicle.

Head injuries are commonly reported among those injured when vehicles roll, and can leave victims with life-altering physical effects that require lengthy medical treatment and rehabilitation or nursing care. Neck and other musculoskeletal injuries also occur frequently in rollovers, especially when vehicle occupants are unrestrained or when restraints fail and occupants are thrown about or ejected from the vehicle.

Because of their design, SUVs are particularly prone to rollover accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), fatalities among SUV occupants have risen every year for more than a decade, and more than half of those killed in SUV crashes are involved in rollovers.

For cars, the percentage is 25%, and for trucks, 47%. The IIHS says that rollovers typically happen because a driver loses control of the vehicle, causing it to slip to one side. When it strikes a curb, guardrail or other object, the vehicle is “tripped” and flips over. The same result occurs when a driver tries to overcompensate and swerve a vehicle back onto the road.

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