Side-impact accidents, or T-bone accidents as they are sometimes called, are among the deadliest accidents on the road. These accidents often occur at intersections, involve parts of the vehicle that are least structurally sound and can strike a driver’s or passenger’s door.

The Los Angeles car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Gerald Marcus know well the serious risk posed by intersection crashes in Los Angeles. These crashes are more likely to be fatal than either front-end or rear-end accidents. A car is typically at its most vulnerable in a side-impact collision and such impact typically occurs in close proximity to driver or passenger.

Red-light runners are commonly responsible for such accidents, as are those who fail to yield the right-of-way at stop signs or intersections.

Your Rights after Intersection Car Accident in Los Angeles

At the Law Offices of Gerald Marcus, our staff is committed to thoroughly reviewing the circumstances of your car accident. The truth of the matter is that red-light running and aggressive driving continue to cause a substantial number of car accidents in Los Angeles each year.

Red light runners put everyone on the road in danger:

The government estimates 900 people are killed and more than 150,000 are injured each year in accidents caused by red-light runners.

These accidents cost more than $14 billion a year.

More than half of the deaths are pedestrians or other motorists.

Nearly all Americans (96 percent) fear being hit by a red light runner yet 1 in 5 admit to recently running a red light.

In today’s high-tech world of red-light cameras, cell phone cameras and surveillance cameras, more and more of these accidents are being caught on tape. Another great reason consulting an experienced attorney at the earliest stage of such cases is your best course of action.

In some cases, the presence of large trucks or buses at intersections can create blind spots. In still other cases, a poorly placed bus stop or an overgrowth of vegetation can obstruct a driver’s view. And in still other cases, a poorly designed intersection or missing or inoperable street signs or traffic control devices can increase your risk of a serious or fatal accident.

At the Law Offices of Gerald Marcus, we will thoroughly review the facts and circumstances of your accident and help you decide upon the best course of action. In some cases, we may identify additional responsible parties for compensation.

In each case, your current and future medical bills, possible long-term medical complications, lost wages and pain and suffering should be taken into account when filing a claim for damages.

If your family is dealing with a Los Angeles car accident, contact the Los Angeles car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Gerald Marcus today at 800-905-8777 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights.